Office Name Dharma (West Midnapore)
PinCode 721101
Taluk Midnapore
District Medinipur
State West Bengal
Office Type S.O
Delivery Status Non-Delivery

There is indeed no denying of the fact that India is blessed with the best postal mailing system. Keeping the function simple, the essential role of postal mailing is divided into four valid parts- i.e. to collect, process, transmit, and deliver the mails to the predestine location. Postal system takes the help of pin code and postal code communication to fulfill the basic job of mail delivery. For that matter, if you are looking for a code, then even that code will have several layers (for instance pin code of District Medinipur, West Bengal). But more than that, the first and foremost job of the postal department is to classify the different type of content received in the department. The essential nature of message or postal content can be divided into various types. Let’s unravel some on the most distinctive features and facts about the mailing system.

1. The general classification of postal content is divided into nine categories. These nine categories are letters, postcard, inland content (letter card), postal packets, Ordinary packets, registered packets, insured packets, value payable articles, and speed post.

2. On broader basis, the classification of mail is depended on two categories, first and second class mails. Under the first class mail facility, the mail follows the ‘free air mail transmission’ within the broader range of India. Contrary to this, the second class mails are financially air lifted with the aid of prepaid surcharge.

3. India has about 579598 letter boxes and 154979 post offices all across the country. The postal department of India (that check pin code of District Medinipur, West Bengal) processes the entire mail system with the aid of 390 major post offices in India, situated all across the nation. Powering the entire system, India also has 89 national speed post hub that conveys the mail delivery system through the means of road, railway and airlines.

4. Right from the onset, the Indian mailing system has faced a lot of challenges and disadvantages because of the fundamental traditional management. This is the reason that has always supported the flow of constructive reforms in the system. We can take an example from the reformation related to the pin code system of India.

5. The Indian postal department has initiated the concept of ‘Automated Mail Grid’ with the construction of Automated Mail Processing Centre at the various locations of the nation.

6. The role of Automated Mail Processing Centre is to manage the mail net work optimization project. Through this department, the postal system manages the improvement of mailing quality. The basic role of the entire system is to streamline the core mailing operations- covering the three essential functions of collection, transmission and delivery of the mails.

7. From time to time, the postal department of India (i.e. the India Post Pin Code) has taken several constructive steps to innovate the mailing process. The construction of Mail Business Centre that creates a one stop solution for bulk mail sending is one such initiative.

With each and every constructive step, the postal department of India has raised the standards of reliability and consistency in every action. The idea to achieve the global standards seems to be the core motive. Thank you Postal India for making the dream coming true for every Indian!

List of Post Offices in District Medinipur, West Bengal:

Dharma (West Midnapore)