Office Name Keikao
PinCode 795141
Taluk Nil
District Tamenglong
State Manipur
Office Type B.O
Delivery Status Delivery

The joy of receiving a letter is overwhelming! It seems like nothing but a magic that how the entire postal department works- the travelling of letters, the punching of details, the working of Pin codes, and the indexing of numbers. Everything is bounded with the thread of uniformity and discipline. Though it seems like a dreamy illusion, but the postal code of India is more about a ‘tale of consistency’, and managing this consistent behavior is only made possible through the virtues of pin code. So have you ever wondered about the importance of having your city’s ownpersonal pin code? Why the pin code of Manipur (or for that matter, pin code of Keikao , District Tamenglong, Manipur) is different to that of Chandigarh? And for that matter, why pin codes vary within the different reigns of a city?

What is the meaning of Pin Code?

Postal Index Number that refers to the PIN code is a vital part of the Indian postal system. Also known as the Zip code, pin code holds a unique significance in the entire mailing facility. Each and every pin code holds a unique relevance as in the form of ‘identity’. Through this identity, it becomes easy for the postal facility to travel from one pin code to another.

Apart from the identity, pin codes are important for the purpose of accuracy. Adding the correct dose of exactness and precision to the postal formality, pin code helps the postal passage in a unanimous way. The confusion of Indian names in cities, states, districts and even within roads is easily countered with the aid of pin code.

So what exactly does a pin code contain?

A Pin code is a 6 digit number that is meant for the purpose of identification, as in a place when the post is subjected to be delivered. The first 2 digits of the pin code resemble the name of the region (as in the post office India), the next one digit goes to the name of the district and the remaining last three digits are for the post office where the parcel has to be delivered.

The dynamic Indian postal system is divided into 9 distinctive postal regions. While the 8 major postal regions are situated all across the India, one postal reign is absolutely dedicated to the service of Indian army. Check pin code of Keikao , District Tamenglong, Manipur for further clarity!

The many ways in which Pin Code can be helpful:

  • The basic function of ‘Check pin code’ is to help the location of an address. For all the four corners of our country i.e. north, south, east, and west, pin code eases the discovery of a place.
  • Even if the names of certain locations are identical, the function of a pin code is to provide uniqueness in identification.
  • Be it a speed post, official registry, logistic post, business post or couriers, pin code assists different kinds of posts.
  • Pin code supports the efficiency in reach. It makes the process fast and feasible.
  • The simplest function of pin code is to make the process of delivery hassle-free, bringing ease in the life of the postman.
  • With India post office pin code, the need of transcription is almost eliminated.